Woman totals car after hitting tire

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Road debris is simply a unsafe occupation KPRC 2 Investigates has reported on successful caller months and present yet different operator is facing occupation aft what she encountered connected Houston’s 610 Loop.

“The car successful beforehand of maine swerved astatine the past second, and I realized it was due to the fact that determination was thing successful the road,” said Chelise George, a nonmigratory of Missouri City.

What was successful the roadworthy aboriginal that greeting connected the 610 Loop successful East Houston was a ample tyre and George says she had nary mode to get astir it.

“There was a car adjacent to me, a partition adjacent to me, and the idiosyncratic down maine was fundamentally tailgating. "

George struck the tyre causing important harm to her car. She says she was fortunate to survive.

“It ripped retired a bully magnitude of worldly underneath my car, including my steering rack. So astatine that point, the car started to rotation retired backmost and forth.”


George’s tiny sedan was totaled, suffering $13,000 successful damages.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, successful 2019, determination were 2,771 roadworthy debris accidents successful the state. In 2020, determination were 2,551. In the archetypal six months of 2021, determination were 1,424.

George doesn’t cognize the origins of the tyre she struck, truthful her security has to screen the incident. Now she’s facing the headache of getting a caller conveyance astatine a clip erstwhile prices are precocious and supplies are low.

“It has not been a amusive experience. So there’s decidedly truly atrocious shortages” said George. “I desperately privation I inactive had my car.”

George is present sharing thing that whitethorn assistance different drivers. Comprehensive car security volition instrumentality attraction of you if you deed a portion of debris successful the roadway and can’t find the root of the debris. Liability security volition not screen you and damages volition person to beryllium paid retired of pocket.

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