White supremacy stickers found on cars

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HAVERHILL(CBS) —  White supremacy stickers were found on cars following an outdoor market event in Haverhill over the weekend hosted by Merrimack Valley Black & Brown Voices Inc., a non-profit that supports “black, indigenous, and people of color across the Merrimack Valley of Massachusetts”.

The non-profit was formed last June following the death of George Floyd.

“This is the first time that I really really felt scared for my own safety and for the safety of our venders,” said Organizer Elizabeth Walther-Grant. “The police are involved.”

The website homepage for Merrimack Valley Black & Brown Voices Inc. (WBZ-TV)

Walther-Grant believes the market was targeted.

“The logo that is on the sticker is the logo of the Patriot Front group, which is a white supremacist group. So that was super scary to find that out,” she said.

A sticker from the white supremacy group Patriot Front that was posted on cars at the outdoor market event. (WBZ-TV)

The non-profit is postponing the July outdoor market so they can look into ways to help their vendors and customers feel safe at the events.

“That’s probably going to look like hiring private security, as well as working with the towns that we go to with their police forces.”

People who live in the area are disappointed the stickers were found at the event.

“We have to live together as one. White, black, brown, asian. We’re America,” one woman said.

Walther-Grant says they are not going to let this incident stop them from amplifying black and brown voices.

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