Where Cards Fall Builds New Homes On Switch And PC In November

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Where Cards Fall, the deed puzzle crippled from Blaseball developer The Game Band, yet migrates from mobile to Switch and PC connected November 4. The crippled was archetypal released connected Apple Arcade successful 2019, wherever it earned acclaim and respective awards. 

The dreamlike acquisition sees you gathering a location of cards, arsenic successful utilizing cards to conception existent buildings, to assistance usher a nameless lad crossed obstacles. Along the way, you’ll unlock memories that weave an affectional coming-of-age story, from kid to adulthood. A postulation of 50 beautiful spatial puzzles await, and the mobile-centric power strategy has been retooled for PC and Switch. 

Senior exertion Blake Hester interviewed The Game Band astir a twelvemonth agone to larn much astir however Where Cards Fall came to be, what it was similar to enactment with Apple, and however the squad brought the crippled elsewhere. You tin springiness it a work here.

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