WATCH: Fox Business’ Stuart Varney Whines That Biden’s Child Tax Credit Will be Very Popular and Make Republicans Look Bad

2 months ago 19
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When Joe Biden was running for office, he said that he would work to benefit all Americans whether they voted for him or not. He has already passed a stimulus package that helped millions of Republican families.

And the help for families will soon continue with Biden’s child tax credit plan. Rather than waiting to get the money back on their tax returns, tax payers can now receive their tax credit in installments.

The potential popularity of the plan is certainly worrying to the personalities. During a Tuesday Fox Business segment, Stuart Varney said, “Question — which politician is going to say no to money for children? The parents of 70 million youngsters will be getting this money — that is a very large group of voters. When they get used to the checks, will they vote for the politicians who cut them off? Probably not. “

But I’ve got to say,” the host continued, “it’s going to be very popular. I mean, just imagine it.”

Varney closed his comments, “Some people, low-income people, will actually have their income doubled with this. That’s going to make it very popular. They’re going to vote for the people who give them that money. It’s going to be awfully difficult for the Republicans to turn around and say, wait a minute, wait a minute, we can’t afford this, it’s going to make inflation worse. They’re going to have a hard time saying no to this.”

While many Fox viewers consistently vote against their best interests, this will be a very tough program for the network’s hosts to spin.

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