UNO Academic Advising Council Names Katie Larson Advisor of the Month

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Larson was nominated by her peers for his dedication to pupil success.

Katie Larson

Congratulations, Katie!

Katie Larson, Assistant Director of Academic Advising for the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences was precocious named the “Advisor of the Month” by the Academic Advising Council (AAC) for the period of November.

The grant was presented to Katie astatine the monthly AAC gathering connected Nov. 18.

Her nominator said, " Katie is an astonishing human. I see myself fortunate to person worked alongside her for astir 8 years. I beryllium my ain nonrecreational maturation to her gentle coaching and encouragement. Our bureau is amended due to the fact that of her wealthiness of knowledge, analytical mind, and student-centered advocacy. I cannot stress however captious Katie’s enactment is to our bureau operations. There is not 1 signifier oregon web tract leafage that has not had her touch. When immoderate benignant of artsy oregon promotional papers needs to beryllium made, our heads crook to Katie… “will you make this oregon marque it better?” As our nonmigratory transcript editor, Katie volition proofread yearly reports and recruitment materials. She has created astir each of the flyers that we usage successful our office. It is due to the fact that of her journalism skills that she tin make these astonishing easy-to-read connection pieces. Because of her skills we tin bash this in-house, without further support. Additionally, Katie shares willingly with the squad her advising enactment templates for assorted pupil issues. It’s hard to summarize a hard conversation, tricky transportation credit, oregon travel up with a coagulated mode to framework options if needing to driblet pupil teaching. Her templates for emails, advising notes, letters of recommendation, hardship money requests, and retention connection are foundational tools successful our office. From basal gathering notes to the astir challenging conversations, she guides the squad connected connection champion practices. Bottomline, the forms and connection that we usage each time are each made by Ms. Larson. She is the backbone of our bureau and deserves to beryllium recognized for her stellar committedness to advising, students and the UNO community.”

For being selected arsenic the AAC Advisor of the Month, Larson volition person a certificate and acquisition card.

Nominate an Advisor for the "Awesome Advisor Award"

If you cognize 1 of your colleagues has gone supra and beyond successful their exceptional work to students, their colleagues and/or the university, nominate them for the Awesome Advisor Award! Each month, 1 advisor volition beryllium selected astatine random from the nominations to person the grant astatine the Academic Advising Council meeting. All nominees volition beryllium recognized by AAC for their work.Nominees indispensable beryllium astatine slightest .5 FTE whose superior relation is world advising. Once selected, advisors would not beryllium eligible to person the grant again for 1 calendar year, though they tin inactive beryllium nominated successful designation of their work.To nominate an world advisor, implicit the nomination form connected the AAC website.

About the Academic Advising Council (AAC)

Monthly forums support advisors up-to-date connected topics ranging from champion practices successful advising to exertion and programme updates. The group, which formally launched successful 2011, welcomes not conscionable advisors to its meetings, but besides galore different professionals connected field who enactment UNO students.

The Academic Advising Council meets the 3rd Thursday of each period astatine 1:30 P.M.

Meetings are unfastened to the public

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