Republicans Could Be Doomed As Trump Named 4th Worst President In History

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The CSPAN Historians Survey of Presidential Leadership found that the top five has stayed the same, Obama is in the top 10, and Trump is the 4th worst president in history.


Former President Donald Trump enters the ranks for the first time in the #41 position. His highest rankings were in Public Persuasion (#32) and Economic Management (#34). The historians ranked him in last place (#44) for Moral Authority and Administrative Skills.


As in each of C-SPAN’s first three surveys, released in 2000, 2009 and 2017, Abraham Lincoln received top billing. George Washington, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Theodore Roosevelt also retained their top five status. Dwight Eisenhower, who entered the top five in 2017, remains in fifth
place in the 2021 survey. Ulysses S. Grant has the survey’s largest overall gain, jumping 13 spots from #33 in 2000 to #20 in 2021.

Barack Obama moved from 12th to 10th, and the only presidents with a lower ranking than Trump were Franklin Pierce,  Andrew Johnson, and James Buchanan. Trump was rated as a worse president than Richard Nixon (31), Herbert Hoover (36), and Warren Harding (37).

Trump finished five spots below the president who steered the country into the Great Depression. That is how bad of a president Donald Trump was.

This is the guy who Republicans are hitching their wagons to in 2022 and 2024.  It is insanity for Republicans to be banking on an unpopular former president who was terrible at the job and lost by 7.5 million votes to carry them to victory, but that is the potentially doomed strategy that Republicans are counting on.

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