Petito memorial grows outside Laundrie family home

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NORTH PORT, Fla. — It's been astir 24 hours since the FBI confirmed skeletal remains recovered successful a Southwest Florida quality sphere are those of Brian Laundrie. Authorities were capable to usage dental records to marque the identity.

Laundrie was a idiosyncratic of involvement successful the disappearance and decease of his fiancé, Gabby Petito.

WPTV learned Friday that investigators could beryllium releasing caller accusation dilatory due to the fact that they bash not privation to jeopardize their investigation.

The FBI said dental records corroborate the remains recovered astatine the Carlton Reserve wilderness parkland are those of Laundrie.

The find of the remains concluded a monolithic hunt involving federal, state, and section instrumentality enforcement that began soon aft Laundrie disappeared connected Sept. 14, 2 weeks aft the 23-year-old returned unsocial to his parent's location successful North Port without Petito.

Search crews recovered a notebook and backpack believed to beryllium to Laundrie.

A criminologist WPTV with said investigators are going to portion unneurotic what happened to Laundrie and it could instrumentality time.

Dr. Alexis Piquero astatine the University of Miami said immoderate of the grounds Laundrie has wrong his body, extracurricular of his body, successful the backpack and successful the notebook tin someway nexus him adjacent much straight to gabby.

"All of that worldly is virtually trying to re-piece everything together, not knowing what happened," Piquero said. "From a puzzle constituent of view, that’s what investigators are doing and radical request to recognize this is not going to extremity successful 44 minutes similar CSI does. This is going to beryllium a small spot of clip due to the fact that it takes clip to bash that benignant of existent elaborate probe connected each of this evidence."

The Petito household has not released immoderate remark regarding this week's findings.

A memorial for Petito extracurricular of the Laundrie household location is increasing from radical besides demanding answers.

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