Paine 'shattered' by Pucovski's latest setback

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Australian Test skipper Tim Paine says helium was "shattered" by quality of Will Pucovski's latest concussion, revealing Marcus Harris is present the antheral astir apt to spouse David Warner for this summer's Ashes series.

The 23-year-old, who made a promising Test debut against India past summer, was struck successful the nets past week, and portion nary symptoms were instantly obvious, helium began to consciousness the effects the pursuing day.

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Speaking connected SEN Hobart, Paine said determination was "no doubt" Pucovski would person opened the batting successful the archetypal Ashes Test successful Brisbane successful December.

While the skipper was hopeful Pucovski wouldn't look an extended stint connected the sidelines, helium conceded Harris is apt to beryllium successful the squad for the Gabba.

"He's astir apt the frontrunner present for that role. He's idiosyncratic who hasn't had an extended tally astatine Test cricket," Paine said.

Will Pucovski successful the tract during his Test debut. (Getty)

"For him to perchance present get an extended tally astatine Test cricket, I'm excited to spot what helium could do.

"He's conscionable travel backmost from a superb six months implicit successful England playing for Leicestershire successful region cricket and we cognize his first-class grounds has been outstanding for Victoria for a agelong time."

Pucovski has suffered arsenic galore arsenic 10 concussions passim his career, though not each person occurred portion batting, and immoderate were from schoolboy football.

Paine dismissed suggestions Pucovski has a method contented with short-pitched bowling.

"You don't mean 50 successful archetypal people cricket without being a bully subordinate of the abbreviated ball," helium said.

Tim Paine (Getty)

"He had a truly atrocious concussion erstwhile helium was a kid … he's much susceptible than different people, helium doesn't request to beryllium deed arsenic hard to person immoderate effects connected his head."

Pucovski's lone Test to day came astatine the SCG past summer, erstwhile helium made 62 and 10, but suffered a enarthrosis wounded successful the tract that ruled him retired for the remainder of the season.

The Australian skipper remains optimistic Pucovski could inactive play a portion successful the Ashes series.

"He's inactive hoping to beryllium acceptable astatine immoderate signifier this summer," Paine explained.

"He's got plentifulness of enactment astir him, and we cognize however bully helium is, truthful there's nary request to unreserved him astatine the moment. He's 22-23 years of age, he's got a batch of clip successful the crippled if we tin get it right.

"(It was) shattering erstwhile I recovered out. I've spoken to him a spot the past fewer days. He is improving slowly.

Will Pucovski grimaces aft hurting his enarthrosis portion fielding astatine the SCG. (Getty)

"I don't deliberation it's arsenic atrocious arsenic immoderate of the others he's had before, but with his past we person to beryllium precise careful. I was devastated to perceive it's happened again."

Paine is connected his ain comeback trail, having had country past period connected a bulging disc successful his neck.

"I'm doing a spot of pilates, jogging and swimming. I'm moving beauteous normally," helium said.

"I deed astir 20 balls yesterday, albeit underarm. The lone contented astatine this signifier is spot successful my near arm.

"Just being cautious with the load I americium putting done the spine portion determination is inactive immoderate healing going.

"The question successful my cervix is large and I americium hoping successful the adjacent 2 weeks I tin truly commencement to enactment my ft down. I tin spell from zero to 100 truly quickly."

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