NU System and DHS Partner to Grow Nation’s Homeland Security Workforce

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This caller concern statement is aimed astatine increasing the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) workforce successful cardinal areas related to nationalist information and different pertinent homeland information missions.

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University of Nebraska (NU) System

University of Nebraska System (NU) President Ted Carter announced contiguous that NU and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) person signed a caller concern statement aimed astatine increasing the DHS workforce successful cardinal areas related to nationalist information and different pertinent homeland information missions.

Under the partnership, the University of Nebraska System’s 4 campuses and DHS volition enactment unneurotic to grow vocation support, internship and occupation opportunities for students successful fields specified arsenic cybersecurity, intelligence, exigency absorption and instrumentality enforcement. The extremity is to make a beardown pipeline of Nebraska-trained workers prepared to conscionable the homeland information needs of the future.

“The University of Nebraska has a agelong past of moving with our national partners connected probe and improvement that solves homeland information needs facing our authorities and nation,” Carter said. “Those needs turn much urgent and analyzable by the day. As Nebraska’s assemblage system, we person an accidental and work to assistance hole the adjacent procreation of leaders who volition support our federation safe.

“I’m excited astir this shared committedness with the Department of Homeland Security to turn the workforce of the future, and successful peculiar astir the caller opportunities this concern volition make for students astatine the University of Nebraska.”

Department of Homeland Security Assistant Secretary for the Office of Public Engagement Eva Millona said: “The finalization of the DHS-wide Memorandum of Understanding concern statement with each 4 campuses of the University of Nebraska is simply a important and impactful measurement toward repairing our narration crossed tribal communities, nationalist land-grant relationships with Middle America, and processing a pipeline for students to unafraid divers internships, externships and national prosecute positions wrong DHS.

“We presently collaborate with the University of Nebraska done our Counterterrorism Center of Excellence and are anxious to expound upon that existing engagement to screen intelligence, cyber, exigency absorption and clime change.”

The concern builds connected existing efforts similar the National Counterterrorism Innovation, Technology and Education Center (NCITE), a shared Department of Homeland Security and National Security Agency (NSA) Center of Academic Excellence that was launched astatine the University of Nebraska astatine Omaha successful 2020 pursuing a highly competitory enactment process.

UNO Chancellor Joanne Li, Ph.D., CFA, noted that the 15 probe projects presently underway successful the NCITE consortium are advancing DHS’ workforce goals, helping to bid aboriginal workers and supply them with the tools they request to antagonistic and forestall coercion and violence. NCITE’s goal, she said, is to beryllium the national government’s “go-to” successful this area.

“Mavericks are driven to service our community, our authorities and our country,” Li said. “This memorandum aligns perfectly with our institution’s halfway values and volition fortify our efforts to nutrient radical of precocious accomplishment and precocious quality who conscionable the Department of Homeland Security’s workforce needs.”

The caller statement includes the following:

  • DHS volition supply the assemblage with accusation astir scholarship, internship and occupation opportunities wrong the department, specifically successful Nebraska, and the assemblage successful crook volition stock that accusation with students.

  • DHS volition develop, and the assemblage volition disseminate, webinars for students and caller graduates that supply accusation connected the DHS mission, occupation opportunities and tips connected national resume-writing and the occupation exertion process.

  • The assemblage volition alert DHS to opportunities to enactment successful field engagement activities similar vocation fairs and different outreach events to pass students, faculty, unit and alumni astir enactment opportunities wrong DHS.

  • The assemblage volition invitation DHS, erstwhile appropriate, to enactment successful nationalist argumentation forums, lectures, conferences, grooming exercises and different applicable events taking spot connected the campuses, and DHS successful crook volition beforehand the activities crossed the department.

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