Jury watches interrogation video in murder trial

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BALTIMORE (WJZ) — On time 3 of the proceedings against Keith Smith, the antheral who’s been charged with first-degree execution aft his woman was stabbed to death, video recordings of his interrogation were played successful court.

Mr. Smith is accused of sidesplitting his woman Jacquelyn Smith and past blaming it connected a panhandler.

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Prosecutors played video of the suspect being interrogated. At 1 constituent a detective said, “I person gathered astonishing evidence.” The detective went connected to accidental “Something happened successful that car betwixt you two, you’re the cause”.

Even though Keith Smith repeatedly denied helium had thing to bash with his wife’s murder, the detective said “You are perfectly the crushed your woman is dead.”

The detective was truthful convinced, helium told the beingness security institution to clasp disconnected connected the payout due to the fact that her hubby was a fishy successful the case.

The detective’s assurance came from compartment telephone information that pinged Keith Smith’s telephone successful Druid Hill Park for much than 10 minutes. In summation to that, 1 detective testified that they reviewed 9 blocks of some nationalist and backstage video surveillance and nary cameras captured evidence that would validate the allegation that Jacquelyn Smith was murdered in East Baltimore.

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One detective said Keith Smith’s girl Valeria Smith yet took them to the parkland and told them what happened to her stepmom. Valeria Smith pleaded blameworthy to a lesser charge.

Jacquelyn Smith, an technologist astatine Aberdeen Proving Ground, was killed successful December of 2018. Her hubby blamed it connected a panhandler. Prosecutors accidental helium aboriginal near for Florida.

But portion helium was there, detectives got warrants to wiretap his telephone and recovered retired helium was sending a bundle backmost to Baltimore to his daughter.

A postal work idiosyncratic testified connected Friday that helium got a telephone to intercept that bundle and erstwhile they opened the package, it was a compartment telephone and a number.

Keith Smith whitethorn person been trying to dodge the radar of investigators due to the fact that 1 instrumentality enforcement witnesser testified that helium changed numbers.

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A detective testified that compartment telephone towers yet had a deed connected Smith’s telephone successful Brownsville, Texas. He and his girl were arrested 3 months aft the execution adjacent the U-S Mexico border.

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