Judge Orders Trump Be Deposed In Assault Of Protesters At Rally

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A justice has ordered that Trump beryllium for a deposition successful the lawsuit involving his information guards beating up protesters astatine a 2015 rally.

Business Insider reported:

A justice successful New York ordered erstwhile President Donald Trump to beryllium for a videotaped deposition connected Monday arsenic portion of a civilian lawsuit filed by protesters who accidental Trump’s information guards assaulted them astatine a September 2015 rally.

On October 4, State Supreme Court Justice Doris Gonzalez ordered Trump to beryllium for a deposition, which is scheduled for October 18 astatine 10 a.m. astatine Manhattan’s Trump Tower. Trump’s attorneys agreed to the day successful a stipulation, tribunal records show.

Trump has a agelong past of encouraging unit against protesters astatine his rallies. 

The encouragement of unit continued into his years arsenic president. Trump is being followed by ineligible troubles wherever helium goes. His concern is bleeding money, and helium appears to request a governmental comeback conscionable to support himself afloat.

The onslaught connected the Capitol that Trump incited was not an isolated incident. It was a culmination of a agelong past of threats of unit against governmental opponents.

Finally, his thuggery is going to person to statesman to look its time successful court.

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