Five years aft an historic Peace Agreement was reached successful Colombia, the process continues to amusement the benefits of ending the struggle done dialog and keeping victims at the heart of the discussion moving forward.  

That was the main message from the Special Representative and caput of the UN Verification Mission successful Colombia, Carlos Ruiz Massieu, delivered to ambassadors astatine the Security Council on Thursday.  

For him, the first former struggle portion afloat cleared of landmines, and the hold of the Truth Commission, are examples of this success.  

Mr. Massieu was briefing the Council connected the Secretary-General's Quarterly Report about the concern successful the Latin American nation.  

During these 5 years, we person seen the tenacity of Colombian nine to implicit its modulation to peace. As we embark connected a cardinal signifier successful the consolidation of the process, I convey the Council for its confidence, an indispensable root of enactment for Colombia. #UNSC

— Carlos Ruiz Massieu (@CGRuizMassieu) October 14, 2021

“As the Secretary-General has said, this is an accidental to bespeak connected what we have achieved as well on what we are missing, and renew the commitments to persevere, time by day, to consolidate peace”, helium said.  

Work successful progress 

For the Special Representative, accomplishing those goals will depend, to a ample extent, connected the capableness of all parties to fulfil the commitments they made 5 years ago. 

Mr. Massieu highlighted the enactment capabilities of ex-combatant women and female social leaders, saying their “full information and the application of a gender approach, is a indispensable information for the consolidation of peace.” 

Despite these advancements, the Special Representative expressed concern that some of the main priorities are the ones in top jeopardy. 

Noting that Afro-Colombian and indigenous communities are the astir affected, helium argued that “this requires urgent and simultaneous implementation of each the information guarantees provided successful the bid agreement.” 

Addressing the request to make alternatives to illicit economies, helium said “the semipermanent occurrence of archetypal investments is contingent upon the Agreement’s committedness of reshaping agrarian Colombia.” For him, this lone happens “by creating sustainable development opportunities, State services and institutions for communities whose expectations stay unfulfilled.” 

Mr. Massieu concluded saying that, during these 5 years, the satellite has “seen the tenacity of the Colombian nine to implicit its modulation to peace.” 

“As we embark connected a cardinal signifier successful the consolidation of the process, I convey the Council for its confidence, an indispensable root of enactment for Colombia”, helium added.  


In the report, the Secretary-General underscores immoderate “daunting challenges and hazard factors” the state inactive faces, namely continuing violence successful respective regions. 

In the play covered by the report, 26 June to 24 September 2021, the UN registered the killings of 14 FARC-EP erstwhile combatants (all men), bringing the full to 292 (nine women) since the signing of the Agreement. 

In addition, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights received accusation connected the killings of 43 quality rights defenders, for a full of 158 killed in 2021. Furthermore, 11 massacres were documented, accounting for immoderate 38 fatalities.