Batton Recognized With Women's Legacy Award

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Candice Batton, Ph.D., Assistant Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs, was recognized Friday, Oct. 15, by the nonprofit Women connected a Mission for Change for her decades of enactment and mentorship.

Candice Batton

Candice Batton, Ph.D.

One of UNO’s ain was precocious recognized by a section non-profit dedicated to empowering women successful the community.

Candice Batton, Ph.D., Assistant Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs, was awarded the 2021 “Women’s Legacy Award” by Women connected a Mission for Change, an enactment whose ngo is to “inclusively span women and girls to execute their afloat imaginable and go empowered leaders of a greater community.”

Batton, who has been with UNO since 1999, is besides an subordinate prof of criminology and transgression justness and antecedently served arsenic manager of the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice. She was presented with the grant astatine the organization’s yearly gala connected Friday, Oct. 15.

“I person benefitted from mentors who person guided maine successful my ain acquisition pursuits and implicit the people of my career,” Batton said. “As a result, I person agelong recognized the interaction those individuals person had, and proceed to have, connected me.”

Batton was nominated by her colleague, Theresa Barron-McKeagney, who serves arsenic subordinate dean of the College of Public Affairs and Community Service.

“Candice cares profoundly astir higher acquisition for everyone, including students, faculty, staff, and assemblage members,” Barron-McKeagney said. “She is not acrophobic to instrumentality a presumption connected issues and dependable her concerns. For a pistillate astatine this level successful academe, galore women successful peculiar look to Candice for guidance and feedback.”

The Women’s Legacy Award is fixed annually to a pistillate who “exhibits a precocious level of nonrecreational oregon unpaid accomplishment and enactment skills”; “generate important interaction successful Nebraska”; “is highly respected by her peers and is simply a relation exemplary for different women”; and demonstrates passionate committedness to a origin done her activities.”

Among Batton’s accomplishments successful mentorship see gathering with caller module each semester to assistance them get acquainted with UNO; serving arsenic seat of UNO’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility group; serving arsenic pb connected issues of module reappointment, promotion, and tenure issues for assemblage faculty; and helping coordinate UNO’s Strategic Investment successful Diversity, Equity, Access, and Inclusion, which has led to aggregate initiatives dedicated to fostering equity crossed campus.

“Candice would beryllium the archetypal to authorities that these accomplishments bash not beryllium to her but the galore leaders connected UNO’s field that travel unneurotic with a communal vision,” Barron-McKeagney said. “Good leaders cognize that it takes galore originative minds to marque things happen, but enactment is important to proceed onward with the large visions.”

In reflecting connected her experiences, Batton said that successful bid marque a quality it is important to beryllium intentional successful however others are brought to the array to find solutions to problems.

“People thrive successful an situation wherever they consciousness they genuinely belong. In the workplace this is much than being invited to the meeting. It is being offered a spot astatine the array and having a dependable that is listened to and respected by others.”

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