4 wolf-dog hybrids on the loose

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CEDAR GROVE, N.C. (WTVD) -- Four dogs presumed to be wolf and German shepherd hybrids are at-large after escaping from their Orange County enclosure.

Orange County officials said some dogs were safely captured after a group escaped the enclosure. There are still four on the loose.

The dogs that were captured are being housed at the Orange County Animal Services facility.

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Officials said there are no reports of the dogs hurting or attacking people, animals or livestock. However, they may display aggressive behavior when confronted by humans.

Orange County officials are asking people to refrain from trying to capture the dogs. Animal control officers have set traps in the Cedar Grove area where the dogs originally escaped.

If you see the dogs, call Orange County Animal Control at (919) 942-7387, option 1. Do not feed the dogs or interfere with trapping efforts.

No outcome has been determined on what to do with the dogs once they are captured. Hybrids are not able to be kept as pets in Orange County and there is not an approved rabies vaccine for the canines.

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